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Played Strathtay for a whole week and what a superb little course. The greens were the best i have played on great pace and roll. The 2nd and 3rd holes are 2 of the trickiest par 3s you will play. Views from the course especially hole 5 spion Kop are fantastic. No waiting around on tees as it is rarely busy truly relaxing. Green keeper very friendly he does a great job. The course gets the thumbs up from my father in law who is pro at Durham City so it must be good. Give it a go!!

Posted by James Parker on 28/10/2006
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Played Strathtay for a week in July. Very Very hot and humid and physically draining.
Bloody Clegs to. But very enjoyable, although the golf was VERY poor.
The third hole is a tester. I did not really hit a 100% shot all week.
But, playing a 7 iron, the not so good shots rattled in the trees. They got through to the other side and lying beside the green.
The better shots that one heard no noise, thus assuming they had cleared the trees..... They were lying on the tee side of the trees. Odd.
Since coming home I have wondered the history of that little copse infront of 3rd green.
If no one can tell me I must ask Alistar, Green Keeper next year.
Is the mound man made, and when were the trees planted?
The trees were high 45 years ago... They are getting higher.

Posted by Don Mackenzie on 08/09/2006
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In my last comments I see that I noticed that the trees had grown on the SECOND hole.
That should have read THIRD hole.
I believe that 40 odd years ago I used a five iron to clear the trees.
This visit a good 7 iron to clear the tree tops - but I missed the green on both occassions. Fortunately a chip and putt was routine.
This is a hole where one TRIES to clear the trees rather than just playing the shot and trusting to the loft of the club.
When I lived in Strathtay area, a thousand years ago, a lot of folks, even then played this little par three as a dog leg.
Finished. But...If any local player tunes in, please tell me how to play that 2nd hole. Do you play short and chip up hoping for a single putt?
The very first time I played it, in a competition, I hit a wonderful FOUR WOOD straight for the green. I thought it would clear the tree and be within one putt range.
It hit the tree and, as usual, over the wall. Into the burn?
So, just how is it done.

Posted by Don Mackenzie on 10/01/2003
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July, 2001 and I revisited Strathtay for 18 holes. The first 9 I played alone and was satisfied with my game; with the exception of the Second hole. It is a par three on the card but I would like to know how the locals play it?
I always try to hit a hard high hook with a 5 wood, or a hard low hook with a 1 iron.
I have never yet hit the fairway. A duck hook over the wall, or a bounce of a tree, again over the wall.
Being greedy and trying to reach the green. The next time I play it will be as a dog leg, two long pitches and, hopefully a putt for a 3. But, I think that one should be happy with a 4.
The course is short and tricky, a real interesting venue, golf as it should be. Think, not bash.
Strathtay has always been my favourite golf course, the second hole is even more of a challenge than it was 35 years ago --- the trees have grown.
Spion Kop is much improved, the ferns and bracken being cut from the hillside. A driver is not advised off the tee as on both rounds mine hit the top ridge. A simple chip down to the green, but 2 putts on both tries. So, next time, a 5 wood with plenty of loft to drop dead by the pin. Well, one can hope.
My second nine was very pleasant accompanied by two locals who rightly enthused their appreciation of the course and travelled all the way from Perth for their enjoyment.
People have been known to say unkind things of Strathtay golf course. But that is because they do not understand golf, and are not good enough to score there.
The course is superbly kept and is tucked away in most congenial surrounds, far from the bustle of the 21st century.
When on holiday in perthshire DO NOT miss this GEM. One has not sampled the full smorgasboard of golf till they have played here.
For those familiar with G.G. Nash and Roughover Golf club, one almost expects General Sir Armstrong Forcursue, to come charging out of the trees.
Do not miss this course, and if you see someone searching the left hand rough at the second in June, 2003, it might be me.
Don Mackenzie

Posted by Don Mackenzie on 02/01/2003
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I think this course is great.i usually play it in the summer months when im up there on holiday but the spion kop hole(the blind summit) one is a great hole. i welcome the changes last year(i think) of new tees added which makes this course a great little course to play, not just of the views but the different levels of terrain that the holes are laid on.

Posted by Arthur Brooks on 29/07/2001
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Super little course, must have some of the trickiest par 3's I have ever seen (2nd & 3rd). The view from the 6th tee is worth the climb! Play all day for £12.00 & not a busy course. I'II be back...

Posted on 26/10/1999
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